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Einar Kling-Odencrants


With a background of Gymnastics and skiing I started the highschool of circus in Stockholm. Here I found the acrobatic and highly adrenalin based discipline Teeterboard. I met Anton and we started our life together as a duo and as friends. After two years of practice we continued in to DOCH. With the fascination for movement and color I started EKO photography. EKO is capturing circus in a new way and showing the power of movement in a photo. (www.EinarKlingOdencrants.com)

Anton Graaf


I am discovering and establishing a vocabulary of expression and movement on the teeterboard that combines the flow of a ski run down a powder covered mountain and the formula 1 precision that jumping teeterboard demands. I’ve been doing this with my partner Einar, together we create the slightly oddly sized duo that we are.

Skiing in the mountains of western Jämtland is where my origin lies, and it was my passion until I discovered circus. Since then everything including myself has grown, the cities are bigger, my muscles are bigger, my skills are bigger and my hubris is certainly bigger. My ambition is that everything will keep on growing and that one day I will be as big as Einar.